Best Paying Jobs In Real Estate Investment Trusts

Are you thinking of working in the real estate industry? If so, today is the day that you will be learning the best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts (REITs). 

Global real estate is a relatively new yet exciting asset-class that people nowadays consider investing in. Investment opportunities for additional cash-flows are a necessity when you are planning for your financial goals. 

And real estate investing is a prime investment strategy, especially when the market conditions are right. Owning real estate, property management, or becoming a real estate investor are not only the options you have for a real estate-related income stream. 

There are investment strategies relating to real estate that can increase your portfolios. 

Get to know here what and why real estate investment jobs will help you with your financial needs. We will also get to know why most investors are hooked on this as part of their investment portfolio.

What Is A Real Estate Investment Trust?

Real Estate Investment Trusts, known as REITs, are companies owning and managing real estate. They handle different real estate assets such as shopping centers, hotels, office buildings, warehouses, and commercial forests.

In the United States, there are a total of $3.5 trillion assets owned by REITs. These companies produce income from real estate properties, which they have to pay the investors in return. 

There are some instances that real estate investments trusts do financing estate too. Real estate investment trusts are the same as investing in stocks, but with REITs, investors can vest valuable assets and have a chance to receive a stable shared income. 

This is why many people are into real estate investments as the perfect way of expanding passive income streams. These commodities and the possibility for high yields attract people to invest in real estate.

Are you looking for investments that are safe with high returns? Then real estate investment trusts are what you are looking for!

Different Types Of Real Estate Investment Trust

Now that you have understood more about real estate investments, look at these different types of REITs you can invest in. Each one of them generates income via rent collection, residential sales, or mortgages.

Debt Real Estate Investments Trust

Debt-oriented REITs are organizations that provide money to customers who want to buy real estate properties. This is similar to lending companies as it gives the purchaser debts, and in return, they have to pay the loan interest.

This type of investment income comes from the monthly interest fee from the loan. The only downside of this investment is the possibility of being tricked. A lot of buyers delay their payment, or some just walk out without paying interest.

Equitability Real Estate Investments Trusts

Equitability REITs are investments made in sectors such as apartments, residential real estate, shops, markets, and resorts. Once the proposal is approved, the real estate investment trusts establish, supervise, and build the hub. 

After that, REITs will pay the investors a percentage of the profit received. The income from the investments as a whole is served as the entire earnings of the REITs and will be divided based on the agreement.

Medical-Oriented Real Estate Investments Trusts

Medical-oriented REITs invest in properties like multi-specialty clinics, research facilities, or healthcare buildings. It’s hard to imagine that this one will fail because they are currently in high demand.

The requirement for hospitals is increasing. Laboratories, specific tests, and nursing homes also have their own needs. So, it’s safe to say that investing in the medical sector will earn you profit and definitely let your business develop.

Merchandise Real Estate Investment Trust

Merchandise investments are retail shops and markets, such as department stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, and other centers. 

However, REITs will not be managing or producing these. Instead, they give the purchaser debts and collect their profits from the retail shops and market owners.

Domestic Real Estate Investments Trust

This REIT will start with creating housing, apartments, large-scale community, complex centers, and more. When talking about domestic REITs, these are some of the major responsibilities of the REITs.

No matter what field, both land and property businesses will not experience downfalls, as each sector handled by a real estate investment trust is a good career choice. What are you waiting for? Invest and climb your way to financial success and independence.

Real Estate Investment Trusts Job Functions

Real estate investment trusts have a wide range of job functions that reach back offices, operation roles, dealing with customers, and many more. Each of these departments is available in REITs.

When you sum it up, REITs are simple, they raise money from investors to establish or purchase properties, and in return, they will maximize the cash flow for investors.

11 Best Paying Jobs In Real Estate Investment Trust

Let’s move on to the different types of jobs in REITs. There are actually a lot of them, but we have picked the 10 best-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts that you will enjoy doing.

1. Real Estate Broker

We are all familiar with real estate brokers, and they are the ones who are good at negotiating properties. This is a good-paying job in the REIT sector. 

Remember that working as a broker is not the same as working as an agent. Brokers have a license, and most of all, have passed the standard qualification test. They specialized and were given certificates that let them work solely or together with the agents. 

If you want, you can study for more to reach a higher position or build your own office. Brokers have a six-figure salary, and they are well worth their fee with their skills and techniques.

2. Real Estate Agent 

Real estate agents are one of the jobs that continue to grow in the real estate field. They involve assisting people in purchasing a house or selling real estate properties.

Agents that deal with residential properties connect buyers and sellers and act as a medium. Some agents specialize in residential properties, while other agents know more about commercial ones. These properties are houses, condo units, beach houses, and many more.

As for the agents that deal with commercial properties, they also connect buyers and sellers. The properties in this section are shopping malls, hotels, warehouses, rental apartments, etc.

Do not be confused with real estate brokers and agents. They are entirely different things. As mentioned above, real estate brokers are licensed and have completed additional training who can work independently and hire other agents to work for them. Real estate agents, meanwhile, have a professional license and usually work for a brokerage firm.

3. Real Estate Investors

Investors are one of the real estate investment trusts jobs that not everyone would willingly work to. Real estate investors’ responsibilities require purchasing assets and adding more value to the properties before selling them at a higher price. 

It’s pretty simple, right? It can be the most profitable career job in this field. But it takes time, patience, and skills to make it work. To do it, you will have to know about when to buy, where to buy, and when to sell. 

That means you have to be sharp in researching the market and following trends. If this is for you, here are some of the requirements you should have:

  • Willingness to take risks.
  • Hunger for knowledge about the real estate investment industry.
  • Ability to adapt different strategies in buying and selling various properties.

4. Acquisition

An acquisition function in real estate is sourcing new investments opportunities and seizing the deal to the end. If you’re into acquisitions, you have to be well-prepared because this type of job also means numbers are involved.

You should have a degree or experience in capital markets, marketing, finance, or general business to apply for this position. An acquirer mostly comes from being an analyst and is earning around $80,000.

The advancement from analyst goes up from an associate, then to a manager, after will be to be a vice president. However, it usually depends on the firm you are working for, and you can earn money up to $200,000 as a vice president of acquisitions.

5. Development

A job of a developer is to be in charge of building new properties completely. This is a project that has management and works together with other functions to realize the property development.

You’ll also be working with the contractor and subcontractors for design, styles, and project construction. Depending on the REIT, a development job will earn you up to 6 figures, the same as a vice president of construction at REITs.

Plus, when you’re a developer you also have the opportunity to see firsthand what the opportunities are of real estate arbitrage overseas. When you want to learn about other money-making opportunities, you may want to learn more about other income streams like peer-to-peer lending.

6. Real Estate Investment Trusts Analyst Jobs

Another one of the best-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts is an analyst. An analyst helps the real estate and finance team in acquisition, disposition, marketing, and financing the properties.

They assist in researching, analyzing data, and monitoring the real estate market, allowing the company to make wise decisions and plans in buying properties.

A REIT requires running financial models on the company’s current assets and purchases, using different types of financial tools. 

Here are several requirements if you wish to apply as an analyst in REITs:

  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, or real estate
  • Analytical skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Research skills
  • Experience in managing programs, reports, and other workloads
  • Adequate knowledge in financing, local property markets, and more

7. Relations Consultant

A relations consultant is the job that most people want because these REITs jobs have a high salary. It is considered the best choice of career for enthusiastic people. 

Their responsibilities are communicating with inventors and looking for potential projects to take on.

Their work focuses on the relationship with stockholders, making investment reports, and setting up teams for meetings and workshops.

8. Asset Management

The asset management function oversees the operational and financial work of the portfolio of assets within the REITs. 

The vice president or the senior vice president is usually present and guides the asset managers. This collaborative function works together with the accounting, acquisitions, development, and finance department to reach targets while relying on REIT regulations.

If you want to achieve the position of vice president of asset management, you will have to have an undergraduate degree with a 10-year of experience in this industry. With this role, you can expect a pay of $250,000 annually.

9. Real Estate Property Appraiser

A real estate property appraiser is well-trained to appraise and determine the worth of a property. It can be either a residential or commercial property. Identifying the value of a property depends on the market and other economic factors.

To become a property appraiser, you are required to have a license and must have a proper education of appraiser courses and pass.

Educational background is important, and it must be in economics, finance, real estate, and other related courses. Appraisers earn more or less $53,000 annually, so this is for you if you are looking for a company job that pays high.

10. Real Estate Attorney Jobs

Another excellent paying job in real estate investments is to be an attorney. Their work involves settling different disputes in property ownership and transfers. It can be the issuance of titles, transferring, documentation, or other legal issues concerning real estate properties.

Attorneys play a major role in REITs. They act as mediators between the buyers, sellers, and the company. Plus, they provide legal guidance to both buyers and sellers. That will ensure that both parties will follow the essential guidelines for any real estate transaction and prevent disputes.

Attorney’s annual salary ranges from $119,000 to $125,000. 

11. Property Manager

Property managers oversee the day-to-day operations of rental properties. They handle everything from searching and screening tenants to keeping the property and collecting rent. 

The best thing about being a property manager is that you don’t have to have a degree, and you can start this job anytime. All you need are people skills, being able to stay organized, and you’ll be on track to making six figures a year.

Benefits Of Real Estate Investment Trust

Why would I want to work in real estate investment trusts (REITs)? With REITs, you get to experience safe investments, a higher rate of success, and the satisfaction of making profits. 

Real estate investment trusts are composed of an experienced team in management, purchases, and establishing commercial real estate.

Here are some benefits of working at a real estate investment trust company:

  • Multiformity – REITs believe in diversification. Instead of investing all their funds in one sector, they spread it out.
  • Returns Through Dividends – Through the equity stocks, the management will decide whether to pay the investors through the dividends or reinvest the earnings back to the company. REITs lay 90% of the profits to the investors.
  • Clarity – REITs’ investment processes will be executed by maintaining a proper way in front of the investors. They have sustained their reliability towards their investors by doing funding with proper paperwork and legal ways.
  • Returns Through Appreciation – Although it’s difficult to come across price rises of stocks in the market, REITs did a good job in the long-term appreciation of real estate properties. While the short-term fluctuates typically, its interest rates will not affect commercial real estate. 
  • Low Volatility And Low Correlation – Income from rentals and management expenses can be predicted with just the short and long-term analysis. An analyst can anticipate the work of REITs more easily than stocks that are not that predictable.
    REITs do not commonly act the same as equity stock or bonds. Their prices perform with low correlation and are very helpful for portfolio diversification.

Conclusion – Best Paying Jobs In Real Estate Investment Trusts

The real estate industry is large and rapidly growing without showing signs of slowing down. There will always be tenants looking for a house to live in, an entrepreneur trying to find an office complex for their business, or a corporation looking for a building to house their employees.

REITs have risen to manage all the invested money from many investors since its inception. This is a real investment with a real money-market value to increase your net worth. 

If you want to buy a property, you can apply for many jobs to make the money you need, from an appraiser to an agent, an analyst, or an attorney. Working at a REIT will give you the necessary knowledge you need to reach your financial goals.

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