Camo Prom Dresses

Go Camo to Prom

It is certainly different to wear a camouflage formal dress, but there are many feminine styles that will make you look like a princess while wearing camouflage.

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Sassy Mermaid Gown

There’s just the right amount of sass and cute in this mermaid gown. Fitted bodice and sweetheart neckline make this dress stand out, but it’s the little details that make it special. This dress stands out with its lace-up corset back and scalloped edges on the bodice and underskirt.

Dresses range in sizes from 2 to 30 and come in Mossy Oak, pink and white camouflage patterns. Around $450.00 is the cost of the dress.

Pretty in Pink

The simplicity of this dress only adds to its appeal, enhancing the femininity of your ensemble. With its bandeau-style bodice and full tulle skirt, this strapless pink dress is sure to turn heads.

Opulent Ball Gown

With a matching satin underskirt and a giant satin bow at the waist, this full-length ball gown makes a statement. It has a sweetheart neckline and a full layered and ruffled skirt that gives it a ‘southern bell’ look. 

Various colors and patterns are available for the satin. It’s removable, so if you don’t like giant bows, you don’t have to wear it.

Snow Camo

Camo Formal’s A-line dress with sweetheart neckline is extremely customizable. Snow camo can’t be changed, but you can choose from dozens of colors for the fold-over band at the top and the laces up the back (or you can match them to the dress’s snow camo). 

You can either choose to keep it strapless or choose from one of five strap options and decide which garment bag you would prefer.

Hints of Camo

A lovely gown that pairs camo stripes (one wide, one thin) along the bodice, plus more along the bottom of the skirt, with a white gown and accent color of your choice is perfect if you don’t want your dress to be camo from top to bottom. 

You can choose from 16 accent colors and sizes 2-24 Plus. Lace-up backs enhance curves and work especially well on hourglass figures, although most body types should be able to wear them.

Bold Ball Gown Style

The Oumans ball gown with halter top may be just what you are looking for if you want camo and a bright, bold color. Choose from 16 colors that will make up the majority of the dress, then enjoy the camo on the straps, along the top of the bodice, and peeking out from between larger sections of the skirt in the main color you selected. 

This gown is available in sizes 2 through 24 Plus for about $100.00. These are made-to-order, so be sure to check the measurements against the size chart and let the seller know if you need any changes.

Pleated Camo

This dress from Dingzan (around $150.00) goes in a different direction. Instead of using camo as an accent, the whole top layer of the skirt is pleated camo material and the strapless bodice and bottom layer of the skirt act as an accent color to break up the pattern. 

Choose from colors like blue, gold yellow, purple, red, orange and watermelon. Sizes range from 2 to 26 Plus.

Bubbles, Satin, and Camo

What goes better with camo than satin and a bubble skirt style? If you’re not looking for a ball gown style and would like something shorter that will be easier to move in while you’re on the dance floor, consider this one from Camo Formal (just over $250.00). 

There are just under 40 top and bottom colors and patterns to choose from and pair as you’d like, plus you have the option to add straps, a lace-up back, and sash (rhinestoned or plain). Sizes 2 through 30 are available.

Camo and Glitter

Choose from four camo patterns for the bodice and then decide on a color for your glittering tulle skirt (dresses are made to order). The satin along the edge of the sweetheart neckline matches the skirt. You can have a zippered back, which is included in the price of about $525.00, or you can pay $50.00 more and have a corset back. 

As if everything about this style didn’t already seem princess-inspired, there’s even a fabric camo rose at the hip. Get it in sizes 2 through 18.

Almost All Camo

The A-line dress with colored band is almost completely camo, save for a strip of color at the top of the fold-over bodice and the lace-up satin ties at the back. Choose from four camo prints and decide on your accent color and then your dress will be created just for you for just under $400.00. 

It’s available in sizes 2 through 18 and should flatter most shapes. Match your shoes to the accent color for a fun twist to the outfit.

Rhinestone Trim

This style is similar to the last one, but instead of colorful satin accents, this one has rhinestones along the top edge of the bodice and a zipper that blends in along the back. The same four camo prints are available (traditional olive, brown, white, and pink). 

Get it in sizes 2 through 18 for around $350.00. Dress it up with more rhinestone jewelry and dainty metallic sandals.

Two Piece Elegance

This two-piece ball gown features a one-shouldered bodice that overlays a full, layered and ruffled skirt with a tulle underskirt. You can select a variety of camouflage patterns and the dress comes with a satin sash that you can wear as a belt or side sash to help add a splash of color to the ensemble. 

This particular dress comes in a wide variety of camo patterns – from Mossy Oak New Breakup to White Snowfall True Timber.

You can also choose your color sash and underskirt, and the look retails for around $570.00.

With a camo prom dress you can choose a dress that is unique as you!

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