Homecoming Queen Poster Ideas in 2023

Unique and memorable homecoming queen poster ideas can help high school girls win the title of next year’s homecoming queen. Prom queen campaign ideas can also be incorporated into these tips for creating great posters.

Making It on the Ballot

Students vote on candidates for the homecoming court, but different schools may use different methods to determine who makes it onto the court. Make sure your grades are up to par and that you are in good standing before getting on the ballot.

Homecoming Queen Poster Ideas: Basics

You can always hang posters around the school as part of your homecoming campaign ideas. The posters you choose should stand out and be remembered long after the school day is over. 

You want everyone to remember your posters and your face when voting on the homecoming court. Designing posters to decorate your school’s hallways should focus on the following areas:

Super Slogan Examples

It is important to have a simple, catchy slogan. It should be easy to remember; if you can inject a little humor into it, all the better. When students don’t know you and don’t know who to vote for, they want someone friendly and accessible. Come up with catchy slogan ideas with your friends or family. 

Create a simple rhyme if your name rhymes with “queen.” Tie your slogan into current pop culture trends. Examples include:

  • Jean should be crowned Homecoming Queen
  • Olivia is there like a good queen.
  • Vote for Charlotte, Maybe She’s Born with It, Maybe It’s Royalty!
  • Kate is the best, vote for her
  • Sophia – The few. Those who are proud. Queens of Homecoming.
  • Mya is awesome! Vote for her!
  • Vote for Kay today!
  • Is it possible for you to hear me now? Hazel deserves your vote!

Consider fitting your slogan into your school’s homecoming theme. Hollywood themed slogans might be “The Stars are Out Tonight – Vote for Starr!” Casino themed slogans might be “P-P-P-Poker Face? No, Christa Chase! Homecoming Queen!”

Poster Design Themes

Connect with other students by designing your posters to look like something familiar. To make your homecoming campaign posters easily recognizable, use the same layout. Make each poster a different color if you want to add some visual interest. Add a photo if you can, no matter what you choose.

  • Make your wanted poster look old by using brown tones
  • Memes like Success Baby or funny cat memes work well
  • Add campaign-relevant stats to your trading card
  • Show off your accomplishments on your resume using standard resume sections
  • Add a few pictures with captions to your scrapbook page
  • Transcript an instant or text message with text bubbles and a conversation about why people should vote for you
  • Make the layout look like a social media post from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter
  • You can use a Scrabble board to spell out the words of your slogan

Campaign Favors

Make your poster interactive by attaching a paper pocket, pouch, or basket filled with favors voters can take. If you choose that route, you can also hand out favors with your flyers. Personalize your favors in some way and include your name. Posters for homecoming campaigns might include favors such as:

  • Candy that is individually wrapped
  • A coupon for a free small drink or snack at a local fast food restaurant
  • Buttons for campaigns
  • Printed stickers
  • Magnets for lockers
  • A pencil
  • Necklaces made of beads
  • Sticks that glow

Poster Size and Placement

You should check with your school’s office if there are any restrictions on poster sizes or the number of posters you can display. In some schools, you may be allowed to display as many posters as you like, while in others, there may be limits. Your posters should be as big as you can make them, and you should put as many up as you can. 

It is important that they are eye-catching, so choose bright poster board. For an attention-getting contrast, you can also use black poster board with white letters and glitter.

Place your posters in prominent places where the most students will see them. Posters can be placed in the following areas:

  • The cafeteria
  • Hallways that are busy
  • The courtyard
  • The entrances

Put your slogan on 8×11 sheets of paper and pass these out to students as they enter and exit the building if you’re allowed to pass out flyers.

Extra Special Touches

Posters can be embellished by artistic girls. You might be able to draw tiaras and scepters on them. If you lack creative skills, enlist the help of family and friends who are talented. Here are some other tips for making your posters stand out:

  • Don’t be afraid to go big and bold with your writing and images.
  • For the slogans, use glitter pens or glitter.
  • Specify that you are vying for the position of “homecoming queen.”.
  • Colors with high contrast, such as white on black or black on hot pink, should be used.
  • Make the queen from a chess set out of craft pom poms, a plastic tiara, or a plastic tiara.
  • Use a bulletin board border strip or a picture frame to frame each poster.

Get the Popular Vote

There are no limits to how many homecoming court ideas you can come up with. Let your creativity flow and let your ideas flow. During a brainstorming session, write down any ideas that come to mind – you may not be able to use all of them, or you may need to tweak some – but note as many as you can. 

Recruit the help of family and friends who are artistic and creative. It’s not enough to just post your snazzy posters around school once you’ve designed them. Try to be friendly and outgoing so that students who don’t know you well can get to know you and feel comfortable voting for you. Come homecoming, you might get to wear that coveted tiara!

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