Top 18+ Best Paying Jobs in Public Utilities

Finding a good-paying job is a challenge nowadays. For a successful career that is stable and growing you must focus on the highest-paying positions in the public sector.

This article will provide an overview of certain of the highest-paying jobs within public utility firms and examine the factors that make these most lucrative jobs within public utilities important. If you’re new to the field or are looking for a shift, the top 10 public utility jobs listed below could be an excellent way to boost your professional growth.

20 of the highest job opportunities that pay Public Utilities in United States

Below, we have listed the top 10 jobs that pay well in the public sector in the United States, along with the average salaries for each one of them.

1) Electrician

It is one of the most lucrative jobs available in the public sector. An electrician manages, operates and repairs electrical equipment and systems used by public utilities. These companies manage the lighting and power that are used in our homes and offices. It’s a very demanding job, and one of the one of the most lucrative jobs in the public sector and, consequently, has a high pay scale.

For a person to be an electrician within an electric utility company it is necessary to successfully complete the required training and also pass the journeyman electrician test. Although the test is compulsory but the training is equally vital. An electrician can earn between 60-90,000 dollars.

2) Journey Lineman

This is among the most lucrative job in the public utility sector you can choose. An Journey Line man in a public utility firm manages and maintains the wires or electrical lines that supply electricity to offices and homes of individuals. Although the work can be physically challenging, it’s extremely risky; hence it is a lucrative wage.

  • A journeyman employed in a public utility company must hold an high school diploma or equivalent
  • You must complete the apprenticeship
  • It is required to have four years’ work experience
  • The average annual salary is 100,000USD to 100,610 USD

3) Meter Reader

The role for a reader to record the readings of the meter in order to keep track of the consumption of power, which includes those of electricity, water as well as natural gas. It is among the most well-known and highest-paying jobs in the field of public utilities because it assists companies in being able to charge their customers in a timely manner.

To be a meter reader, you must possess at least a High school degree or equivalent. You must also complete in-job training. The average annual salary for an meter reader is around 60000 USD.

4) Solar Energy Systems Installer

This is one of the most lucrative job available in public utilities. The primary responsibility of the job is to install solar panels as well as other equipment to make electricity from sunlight. The work is tiring physical and mentally demanding. The applicant must hold an High school degree or equivalent in order to be considered for the position.

Solar panels are growing quickly so many jobs are open for this position. The median annual pay is approximately $50,000 USD.

5) Power Systems Engineer

The most lucrative job in the public utilities is working for electric utilities mostly. Power Systems engineers are responsible for analyzing, designing and operating electric power systems as well as other related equipment. The tasks include the production, transmission, and electricity distribution.

The engineer for power systems must resolve any issues that are that are related to electrical systems, and improve the efficiency of available power systems.

The minimum qualification required is an undergraduate education in engineering electrical or related fields. The professional engineer’s licence is required. The national average annual salary is around 90000 USD.

6) Electrical Engineer

A Electrical engineer working for an energy company that is accountable for the electrical engineering tasks by executing the designing and fabricating of electrical systems. In addition engineers are responsible for supervising and managing the building of electrical-based systems for power plant as well as electrical distribution systems and so on. This is a job that demands a high level of expertise and a high level of precision.

The candidate must hold at least a bachelor’s qualification in electrical engineering. A professional engineer’s license is essential to qualify for this type of top-paying jobs in the public sector. The average annual salary is about 160,000 USD.

7.) Project manager

The role that a Project Manager plays in the public utilities is to oversee, plan and direct the construction of distribution lines, transmission networks, and power plants. A bachelor’s engineering degree is essential to be able to join this among the highest jobs available in the public sector.

An engineer’s license is required. The black belt of six sigma certificate is recommended in addition. The estimated annual salary is the sum of 190,000 USD.

8) Radiation Engineer

The role for a radio engineer within the public utility sector is to design and manage the radiation safety program of different nuclear power reactors. It’s a very risky job that pays high wage.

An engineering bachelor’s degree along with a professional engineer’s license is required for this most lucrative job in the public utilities. The salary for a typical year is about $200,000.

9) Water Superintendent

The role of a water manager for a utility company owned by the public is to oversee and develop the water resource plan for the many power plants. An high school degree or equivalent education is essential. You must have experience working in water treatment facilities. The salary for the year is approximately 120,000 USD. The salary per year makes this one of the highest job opportunities in the public utilities sector.

10) Control Room Supporter

Control room supporters in the public utility firms is responsible for operating and maintaining the machinery and equipment within the various control rooms of power plants. To be eligible for the job of control room supervisor for utility companies the candidate must hold at least a high school diploma or equivalent.

The position that is a Supporter for Control Rooms is among of the most lucrative jobs available in the public sector. Candidates must have previous experience working with electrical equipment and have knowledge of electricity distribution systems. The average annual salary for the utility control room manager is approximately 150,000 USD.

11) Chemical Engineer

As one of the highest-paying jobs in the public sector in the US Chemical engineer is accountable for the design developing, operating, and maintaining chemical process plant. They work in many sectors, such as petroleum and gas food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and more. Chemical engineers typically hold the bachelor’s education of chemical engineering. Many also have an advanced diploma or PhD. The median wage for chemical engineers is $102,160 annually. The highest 10% of those who earn are paid more than $1448,830 each year, while those in the bottom 10% earn less than $67,390 annually.

12) Asset Protection Specialist

A specialist in asset protection is accountable for protecting the assets and property of an organization. They collaborate with customers, employees and people in general to guard the assets of all kinds from damage, theft or other threats. It’s thought to be a highly trusted and is among the highest paying jobs within Public utilities across the US. To be eligible for this position it is common to have some experience in law enforcement or security.

The compensation associated with an asset security specialist could differ based upon the amount and nature of company they work for. According to the median wage for this job is $50,000 annually.

The specialists in asset protection generally have various duties, which include:

  • Conducting security audits
  • Making security plans and creating procedures
  • Security training for employees to educate them on the best practices
  • Investigating theft or vandalism
  • Responding to emergencies
  • Security cameras are monitored and alarm systems
  • Writing reports about security incidents
  • Participating in court as witnesses in criminal cases.

13) Regulatory Affairs Specialist

An Regulatory Affairs Professional is responsible for ensuring that the company’s products are in compliance with all applicable government regulations. They establish and maintain relationships with regulatory bodies, monitor the changes in regulations, and write approval documents. An Regulatory Affairs Specialist usually collaborates with the team of researchers and developers to ensure that any new product comply with all requirements of the regulatory system.

The most lucrative jobs in public utilities in the US typically fall in engineering and management. Specialist roles in Regulatory Affairs are available in all levels of the company, from entry level to the highest level. Salary for Specialists in Regulatory Affairs differ based upon the scale and nature of the company , but usually vary between $50,000 and $100,000 annually.

14) Human Resources Specialist

Human resources specialists are accountable for attracting, selecting, and relocating employees within companies. They could also be accountable for implementing employee benefits as well as performance-management systems. Human resource specialists usually have at least a bachelor’s degree in human resource management or in a related field.

The highest paying jobs within the public utility sector in the US usually fall in managerial jobs. Managers of utilities are accountable for the overall management of their respective utilities. They typically hold an undergraduate degree in business administration or another similar area.

The compensation of a specialist in human resources working for a utility company that is public differs based on the size and the location of the business. Human resource specialists working in large businesses can earn an average pay of $70,000 per year. In smaller companies HR specialists could make $50,000 or less each year.

15) Communications Specialist

A communications professional oversees and implements every aspect of a successful communications plan. This includes developing messages creating content as well as managing accounts on social media and conducting research, as well as coordinating events, etc. Communication professionals must be able to function under pressure and have to meet deadlines. They must also determine how to convey a message to the intended audience.

The position is typically at the management level. Communications professionals who are able to create and implement strategies for communication will be paid a substantial amount and be among the most lucrative jobs available for public service providers across the US.

16) Information Technology Specialist

The most lucrative jobs in public utilities in the US generally require a higher education and prior experience within the IT field. Most of these jobs are management positionswhere wages could range from $80,000 up to $120,000 annually. Other lucrative jobs in the public sector include electricians, engineers, or water treatment plant operators. They generally require a two- or four-year education, and the pay can vary between $50,000 and $70,000 annually.

As an IT specialist is responsible for planning installation, maintenance, and upkeep of all software and hardware in the public sector. You’ll also be in charge of educating others in the staff in the use of computers and will also be the primary contact person for any issues or questions they may have. In order to succeed in this job it is essential to possess a solid understanding of the computer hardware and software. Additionally, you must be able to function under pressure and possess excellent ability to solve problems.

17) Maintenance Specialist

The highest paying jobs in public utilities across the US include a significant amount of responsibility in the maintenance and correct operation of the devices and equipment that keep our businesses and homes operating. Maintenance technicians are accountable for regular maintenance and also investigating and resolving any issues.

The salaries of maintenance specialists differ based upon the scale and the scope of the business, but usually can range from $30,000 to $50,000 annually. Maintenance specialists employed in larger firms could be in charge of an entire team of technicians and are also responsible for supervision and responsibilities, whereas those who work in smaller firms may handle all maintenance tasks on their own.

18) Operations Specialist

This specialist is accountable for the day-to-day operations within the business. They supervise the manufacturing process and make sure that all products are produced according to the specifications. They also assist in resolving any issues that might occur in the production process. The Operations Specialist is usually accountable directly to an Operations Manager. The median pay for Operations Specialists is $65,000 annually, which makes this one of the highest-paying jobs available in the public sector within the US.

19) Safety Specialist

Safety specialists are responsible for the security of workers in an organisation. They develop and implement safety procedures, policies and programs that reduce the chance of accidents as well as illnesses and injuries. They also conduct investigations into incidents and accidents to determine the root of the problem and recommend corrective measures.

In addition, they regularly conduct security audits as well as inspections in order to detect risks and hazards. They also offer education in safety subjects such as evacuation procedures for emergencies as well as fire safety and chemical handling. The median salary for Safety Specialists is $67,542 annually. But, salaries may differ based on the experience, location, and the company. Safety Specialist is among the highest paying jobs within public utilities in the US should you be seeking to build a an income from it.

20) Environmental Specialist

A specialist in environmental issues is accountable for identifying and reducing environmental dangers. They are responsible for protecting the health of people as well as the environment by examining and clearing dangerous waste sites, establishing environmental policiesand research. Many environmental experts have earned a bachelor’s education in the field of environmental sciences or another related field. The average annual salary for an environmental specialist is $69 120.

Every one of the highest-paying jobs in the public utility sector in the US requires specific knowledge and qualifications. Anyone interested in one of these jobs should look for openings that meet their abilities and experience.

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These are just a few of the excellent career opportunities in the public utility sector. Public utilities also have numerous other substantial job opportunities. Other occupationsinclude the power systems dispatcher and an engineer in power transmission, an engineer for power plans, etc. There are other positions including the department of human resources, legal as well as communications department. These jobs in external departments are well-paid and crucial to the efficiency for the functioning of the sector public utilities. This sector has plenty of potential on the job front and is becoming the target of many candidates.

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