What Is Tattle Life TikTok? Site Used To Comment On Influencers

As a result, several TikTok creators have retaliated against users of Tattle Life who have been using the website as a platform to make hurtful and unnecessary comments about them in TikTok. Are you new to the website? Have you never heard of it before? In this section, you will find all the information you need in order to make an informed decision.

Users of TikTok have been confused after many of their favourite content creators have been mentioning something called Tattle Life after being mentioned by many of their favourite content creators. As a result of these comments, some of the influencers have tried to see the funny side of the situation, and they have satirically acted out what the comments believe about them and how untrue they are.

What Is Tattle Life?

There is a website called Tattle Life that describes itself as a commentary website. The purpose of forums is to allow users to talk about things with others who share similar views about things that they want to discuss or moan about.

It is unfortunate that the site has served as a massive platform for users to spread anonymous hate messages against influencers through anonymous messaging. Since the amount of hurtful comments users have been leaving on Tweet Life TikTok, a forum to discuss TikTok creators, has gained a lot of attention in recent weeks, it is gaining quite a bit of attention.

As much as the site makes its policy of abusive messages clear on its homepage, users have taken advantage of that and have consistently broken the rules, despite the site’s clear policy. Tattlelife claims they have moderators available 24/7 to take down comments that do not follow the rules “within minutes.” It seems that the site is struggling with users who are crossing the line from opinion to hate speech, according to Tattlelife.

According to the site, trolling has been moved away from influencer and content creator pages in order to minimize trolling on those pages:

As a member of the public, it’s important to have an opinion on those in a position of power and influence, and that’s why tattle is important in a healthy, free and fair society to have an opinion on those in power and influence. It is not trolling when we allow people to express their views about businesses away from an influencer’s feed on a site where they would have to go out of their way to read them, this is not our intent.”

The Tattle Life TikTok Forum

There is a forum on Tattlelife that is very popular about TikTok creators and is one of the most popular ones. It has been reported by the site itself that the forum “has been by far the most troublesome on Tattle,” and some users have also broken the rules of the site.

It was announced earlier this year that the site was bannishing new members from joining and commenting on the forum.

“If someone does not have access to the forum right now, then they will never be able to respond here.”

There seems to have been an expansion of the forum since the site intervened, although the name is slightly different from the previous one. It is still possible to access this forum at the moment.

Ultimately, it appears that the comments that were made earlier this year have been toned down since then.

As a result, many TiktTok creators are still not happy with what is being said about them on the site as it is currently set up.

Rather than reacting with anger, they are choosing to respond with humour instead!

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